The PredictorBet Story


    The story so far…

    PredictorBet Ltd was incorporated in May 2017, and secured a full UK Gambling Commission Operators License for Remote Pool Betting in December 2017. The platform is currently in beta testing and will be available on the App store from 25 March and on Android and desktop from early April 2018.

    The concept was created by Dean Jones, a sports fan with almost 30 years experience in the casino gambling sector. Seeing a niche in the market for a prediction-based offering, which enables players to use their skill and judgement rather than luck or odds, he established the company in partnership with Damian Evans, a Chartered Accountant and corporate finance expert, and Lisa Entwistle-Evans, a Chartered Marketer and management consultant.

    Both Damian and Lisa have a track record in creating & building successful UK leisure businesses which perfectly complements Dean’s gaming sector expertise. All three Directors hold Personal Managers Licenses with the UK Gambling Commission. The management team, along with marketing, customer services and administration staff, are headquartered in Cardiff, UK.

    What’s it all about?!

    Unlike a lottery or typical fixed odds betting, PredictorBet requires a level of ability and judgement to increase the chances of success – the player predicts the outcome of a sporting event, be it an entire tournament, or a series of matches within that tournament, and a scoring system is applied to rank all users in a league.

    A guaranteed pay-out is received by a percentage of the highest scoring players, the proportion of winners being governed by the total number of players in the game. The prediction based premise can be applied to any sporting fixture – check out our Sports pages to see what’s already available to predict on PredictorBet!

    Last Updated On April 12, 2018