Create Your Own Game!


    It’s time to separate the great predictors from great pretenders!

    Side Rooms are made for mates!

    Sport…it’s a social thing!

    PredictorBet lets you gather your friends and create your own fully customised games where YOU choose your team name, your sport, your matches, your stake and your payout rules!

    You can keep it closed to share the whole prize pool amongst your own social circle, or throw down the gauntlet and open the room up to the public, meaning that the prize pot potential is unlimited!

    Week by week, you can keep tabs on progress in the Side Room Standings – it’s the high-tech way to separate the great predictors from great pretenders!

    How do I create a private side room for me and my mates?

    You can create a side room by clicking on the blue plus sign in the side room bar at the bottom of the homescreen. Then you can:

    • Name your room
    • Pick your sport
    • Choose whether to predict scores or placements
    • Set your stake
    • Decide how the prize pot pays out – Winner Takes All, or our Classic Prize Matrix
    • Make the room public, or keep it private by sharing the invite code with your friends

    How can I join my friend’s private game?

    To join a private side room, you’ll need the six digit invite code from the person who set up the room – so make sure your friends share it with you! Then, in the menu bar, choose the Invite Code option then enter the code to join the private side room – and you’re in! There is no limit to how many players can join a private side room – the more players, the bigger the pot you will all share.

    Happy predicting!

    Last Updated On August 18, 2018