Game Play Rules



    PredictorBet is easy to play! Read on for the rules of the game

    How to choose your game

    Choose your sport by clicking on a sports icon; a number of popular games will be displayed but if you would like to find a specific game e.g. World Cup then simply enter an appropriate search term in the Search bar at the top. For example, if you type ‘World Cup’, all relevant World Cup games will be shown.

    Or you can pick a game that is “Endest Soonest” (orange games) or choose one of the public Side Room games (pink games)

    How to place your predictions

    You can search games by sport and by stake using the Search bar.

    Once you have chosen a game, simply enter your predictions – predict the scores by entering the results, or predict the season by placing the teams in order via drag and drop! Once you are happy with your predictions, hit Confirm…and you are in the game! The game stake will be deducted from your Account Balance (if you do not have enough funds on your Account to play the game, you will be prompted at this point to load additional funds).

    How predictions are scored

    In scores based games – the higher the better!

    Players gain 3 points for a correct result and 5 points for a correct score

    Example: Let’s say Man Utd beat Liverpool 2:1.

    If you predicted that Man Utd vs Liverpool finished at 2:1, then you will receive 8 points for both a correct result and a correct score. If you predicted 3:1, you will receive 3 points for a correct result only. If you predicted a Liverpool win, then you’ll receive no points!

    In placement based games – the lower the better!

    Points are allocated not just on correct final placement, but also on their proximity to final placement to ensure that those who consistently predict most accurately are rewarded!

    A “spot on” placement prediction scores is a 0; for all other predictions, the player is awarded the number of points difference between the actual place and the predicted place e.g. if a player predicted Manchester United to finish 1st and they finish 4th, the player is awarded 3 points on that team, because their prediction was three places out. This rule is applied to every position in the league to give a final total which is then expressed as an “accuracy percentage”. The lower the total points, the higher the accuracy percentage.

    Settlement Of Bets

    Final scores for all events are supplied by a third party data provider; your predictions are compared to these scores and points allocated accordingly per above. Once all points are allocated, all players are ranked, and the prize pot is distributed according to the prize matrix set for the specific game; for example;

    • Master Payout Matrix
      • Our classic payout matrix sees the Top Predictor take 50% of the prize pot, with the rest being distributed amongst a percentage of players. The percentage of prize winners varies by game depending on how many players enter – you can always see the prize distribution matrix before you commit to placing your prediction by clicking on the Payout Rules button on the Play Game screen.
    • Winner Takes All
      • The Top Predictor walks away with 100% of the prize pot!

    In The Event Of A Tie-break…

    Where there is a tie break in terms of points, all of the winnings for all those players in the tied places is aggregated and divided evenly by the number of players in the tie break situation.

    Checking Results

    Once a game has ended, you will be able to check where you ranked in that game and whether you won a prize by clicking on My Plays, and viewing your Past games.

    Got Questions? 

    If you have any queries about PredictorBet game play, please email Customer Services at

    Last Updated On March 29, 2018