We set out to make a platform that was different to traditional fixed odds betting, one that would shake up the gambling world, and one which was a far more social proposition, than your solitary wager.

Here’s what we did:

We created a platform – on Android, Apple and on the web – where you can predict the outcomes of a vast array of sporting events, be it matches, where you predict the scores, or tournaments, which you predict the final standings.

The more people play, the more we pay out, and unlike traditional fixed odds betting, where the bookie usually wins, with PredictorBet, a punter always wins! That’s because PredictorBet pays out the whole prize pool every game – and those players with the most accurate predictions take the biggest share of the prize pool!

And….the very best bit is that you can play along with your mates by creating your very own custom game – choose your sport, select your stake, pick your payout matrix…you can even choose your own team name (perfect for your five a side team, your gym gang, your old school mates and your bar stool buddies…!)

PredictorBet. We’re different.